the light that illuminates the darkness

Christmas 41Merry Christmas! ūüôā I hope that y’all had a wonderful holiday celebrating with family and friends. As I write this in my grandmothers cozyhouse¬†in upstate NY surrounded by the soft glow of Christmas lights~¬†I am reminded again of the wonderful blessings of this time of the year. For me the constant sight of lights reminds me of the light of Christ that offers hope in sometimes a dark and scary world. In the midst of the joy that surrounds this holiday my heart goes out to those who are going through a time where it does not feel as joyful. Sometimes¬†the holidays can be extremely difficult.¬†I am comforted by the knowledge that in many ways the first Christmas was just as hard. One devotional I read recently described the first Christmas in the following words: “Lonely, outcast, exhausted, grieving, vulnerable, dependent, helpless and in pain.” *Sigh* sometimes that is EXACTLY how I feel. What a tremendous encouragement to know that my precious Lord and Savior had such a beginning so that He can perfectly understand my hurts and disappointments in the trials that we go through. As we continue to celebrate¬†this holiday season I pray that the perfect light of Christ¬†illuminates the darkest corners and trials that you find yourself in. May you be blessed!