Rebecca VanDeMark is a writer, speaker, and blogger who loves Jesus, life, and the miracle of Hope. Rebecca owns a handmade company, December Caravan, which donates a portion of all of its proceeds to charity and is the founder and director of SEEN Gathering, a christian ministry designed to encourage those who struggle with Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain.
Rebecca holds degrees from Cedarville University, Regent University, and American University and is currently completed an additional masters degree at West Virginia University. Before fighting health issues Rebecca worked in Washington DC with two non-profit organizations and as a match grant coordinator for sex-trafficking victims and refugees. In one of her favorite jobs, Rebecca also taught High School History and Bible Classes for seven years.
Rebecca is passionate about the hearts of women, high school and college students, singles, and those who are chronically ill. Rebecca writes and speaks about celebrating the extraordinary moments in the midst of ordinary days. Dealing with subjects of relationships, singleness, disease, shattered dreams, family, heartbreak, love and hope, Rebecca compassionately and uniquely shares about finding an ever-present Savior in every moment as she survives and thrives with Advanced Late Stage Lymes Disease, an Environmental Illness, and Cancer. Rebecca lives with her family, splitting time between the sweet south and upstate New York.

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